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LGJ-10FD/20FD/30FD/50FD Fruits Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer Drying Equipment

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Wuhan, China
Brand Name: BonninTech
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: LGJ-20F/100F/200F
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD2000-22000/set
Packaging Details: Standard export carton box
Delivery Time: 5-10 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 100 sets/month
Freeze-drying Area: LGJ-100F (1.04M2), LGJ-200F (2.16M2) Cold Trap Temperature: ≤-75℃ (no-loading)
Display: English Touch Screen Power: 3Ph+N+PE, 380V

LGJ-10FD/20FD/30FD/50FD Commercial Coffee Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer Fruits Freeze Drying Equipment


Normal type LGJ-10FD
Freeze-dried area 0.2M2
Number of plate 2
Plates space 70mm
Loadable material 2L
Cold trap temperature -50—+70 electric heating
Water for cold trap 3-5KG/24Hr
Voltage AC220V/50Hz
Dimension 750*800*1300


LG-03 LG-06 Competitive Price Vacuum Freeze Dryer Lyophilizer Machine For Food MeatLGJ-10FD/20FD/30FD/50FD Fruits Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer Drying Equipment 010.JPG

Technical datas:

Model LG-03
Freeze-drying area 0.4m2
Condenser temperature ≤-45℃ (no load)
Water capture capacity ≥4Kg/24h
Evacuation rate 2L/S
Limit vacuum ≤10Pa (no load)
Number of shelves 4+1
Shelf size 540*200mm
Spacer spacing 40mm
Fresh material handling capacity 4-5L (liquid)
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz
Power 2kW
Dimensions 510x700x670mm
Weight: about 80Kg


LG-03 Freeze-drying machine features:

1. Humanized design, plug and play, beautiful appearance, compact structure, high cost performance.

2. Box trap integrated design, sublimation channel is shorter, conducive to a large number of water vapor rapid sublimation.

3. Original imported refrigeration compressor, large cooling capacity, high efficiency and energy saving, long service life, low noise.

4. The space grade high transparent plexiglass door can observe the whole process of sample freeze-drying change in real time.

5. Easy operation, high degree of automation, only one button can complete the whole process of freeze-drying.

6. Preset standard freeze-drying process, without in-depth understanding of the cumbersome freeze-drying principle and freeze-drying process, one-click process import.

7. Intelligent fault diagnosis technology displays fault information in text form, which greatly facilitates equipment maintenance and fault repair.

8. Security lock function. Prevent misoperation to modify system status and process parameters, resulting in freeze-drying failure or instrument damage.

9. Partition intelligent energy-saving temperature control technology, high precision temperature control, energy-saving effect is remarkable, the system is stable and reliable.

10. One key fast defrosting technology, safe and efficient.


Other models available:




LGJ-10FD/20FD/30FD/50FD Fruits Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer Drying Equipment 3

Main technical datas:

Normal type LGJ-20F LGJ-30F LGJ-50F LGJ-100F LGJ-200F
Freeze-dried area 0.3M2 0.4M2 0.5M2 1.04M2 2.25M2
Number of plate 3+1 4+1 4+1 6+1 5+1
Plates space 70mm 70mm 70mm 70mm 70mm
Plate size 270*400*15 300*340*15 360*480*15 360*480*15 500*900*15
Plate temperature -50℃ to 70℃ -50℃ to 70℃ -50℃ to 70℃ -50℃ to 70℃ 50℃ to 70℃
Cold trap temperature ≤-75℃ ≤-75℃ ≤-75℃ ≤-75℃ ≤-75℃
Water for cold trap 4KG/24Hr 6KG/24Hr 8KG/24Hr 15KG/24Hr 30KG/24Hr
Defrost electric defrost Natural defrost Natural defrost electric defrost Water soaking
Voltage AC220V/50Hz AC220V/50Hz AC380V/50Hz AC380V/50Hz AC380V/50Hz
Dimension 800*800*1550 880*735*1320 960*785*1450 1020*780*1700 2100*1200*1700

Main features:

1. It is our company’s patented freeze dryer. Square warehouse in-situ vacuum freeze dryer, pre-freezing and drying are completed in-situ, easy to operate and good drying effect.
2. The ACRYLIC material is used for the drying chamber door. It is colorless, transparent, and the whole process of lyophilization can be observed.
3. Inflatable (drainage) valves use safety diaphragm valves, which can be connected to an inert gas source, and filled with inert gas after drying to extend material storage time.
4. Patented gas diversion technology, uniform ice catching in cold traps, and strong ice catching capability.
5. Internationally renowned brand compressors, high efficiency, long life, low noise.
6. Separator patented technology and partition temperature fuzzy control technology, the shelf temperature difference is small, the temperature control accuracy is high, and the drying effect is even.
7. The freeze-drying curve optimization control technology can control the cooling rate in the pre-freeze phase, and at the same time, it can control the sample heating rate and the current stage vacuum degree in the sublimation and analytical drying stages.
8. The powerful sensor calibration function ensures the long term accuracy of the measured value.
9. 7-inch true color industrial embedded touch screen + SH-HPSC-II modular controller, high control accuracy, stable and reliable performance.
10. The professionally designed FD-EMB control system can save hundreds of process recipes. Each recipe contains 50 temperature control zones to improve the process optimization rate.
11. Intelligent data recording system, real-time record and display the cold trap temperature curve, sample temperature curve, vacuum curve, export data can be viewed through the computer and print a variety of operations to facilitate process optimization and verification of drying effect.
12. Flexible manual + automatic control, manually used for groping the process, automatically used for mass production.
13. Real-time alarm display and historical alarm query function to facilitate fault diagnosis and equipment maintenance.
14. Setting the user level and password , and decentralizing operation management.


LGJ-200F Full Stainless Steel Vaccum Freeze Dryer With GMP Verification is used in cleanroom. 

LGJ-10FD/20FD/30FD/50FD Fruits Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer Drying Equipment 4


LGJ-20F LGJ-100F Silicon Oil Heating Vaccum Freeze Dryer / Freeze Drying Machine is used for In vitro diagnostic reagents freeze-drying.  

LGJ-10FD/20FD/30FD/50FD Fruits Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer Drying Equipment 5LGJ-10FD/20FD/30FD/50FD Fruits Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer Drying Equipment 6

LGJ-10FD/20FD/30FD/50FD Fruits Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer Drying Equipment 7LGJ-10FD/20FD/30FD/50FD Fruits Food Vacuum Freeze Dryer Drying Equipment 8


Excellent Pre-sale service 
1. According to your specification request, provide the best price for you.
2. After you confirmed the specification and price, our engineers and sales will make a Official Quotation for you confirm.
3. After our Finance Department confirmed your deposit, we will start manufacture the products for you.
4. Update the progress of production to you in time, to help you know your order details progress
5. After the product manufacture finished, if you need, we will arrange shipping for you. With our professional skill, you just need to pick your products up at the destination place, and don’t need to worry about the shipping at all.

Outstanding After-sale service 
1. 12 months guarantee term, and Professional Technical Support.
2. If you have any questions when you use our products, please tell us, we will help you solve the problems in time.
3. If any spare parts have problem after you used it, we can provide it for you, help you solve the problem if anything affect your business.
4. We can also provide engineer to your local place if you need. You just need to bear the Airplane ticket, and accommodation cost.
5. Other relevant service you request.

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