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Laboratory Packaging Film Color Spot Gravure Printing Ink Proofer

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Wuhan, China
Brand Name: BonninTech
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: HK-310B/C
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD2000-5800/set
Packaging Details: Standard export carton box
Delivery Time: 5-10 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 200 sets/month
Equipment: Offset Printing Ink Proofer Color Effective Area: 40mm X 220 Mm (4 Strips)
Printing Roller Width: 225mm Warranty: 12 Month, Life-time Technical Support

HK-310C Hot Selling Gravure Ink Printing Proofer Gravure Ink Proofer

Laboratory Packaging Film Color Spot Gravure Printing Ink Proofer 0

The gravure spot color proofing machine is designed and produced by imitating the working principle of the printing machine. The proofing machine has adjustable pressure and a wide range of substrates. It is suitable for packaging printing production, paper production enterprises, ink production enterprises, scientific research institutions, and other departments. use. Spot color proofing machine scientifically predicts the hue of the ink accurately through standard proofing. By constantly comparing the color of the standard sample to determine the correct ratio of the ink, the correct color tone is matched and then mass-produced on the printing machine according to the ratio, so that the color matching work is completely converted to prepress work.
ISO 8791-2 Paper and board — Determination of roughness/smoothness (air leak methods) — Part 2: Bendtsen method
ISO 8791-4 Paper and board — Determination of roughness/smoothness (air leak methods) — Part 4: Print-surf method.

Technical Parameters:
Screen plate depth a gradient plate is standard depth: 20um, 25um, 30um, 35um, 40um, 45um, 50um, 55um, anilox roller (can also be customized according to customer needs)
Color bar size 66X56mm / P, 8 groups in total, two in each group, 16 in total
Operation method touch screen control
Power configuration: equipped with high-precision servo motor, using Japanese technology servo system
Embossing method: Embossing in a circular manner
Printing pressure: air pressure adjustment, 0-0.90MPa adjustable
Printing speed: 0-100m / min adjustable
Air-drying configuration: double fan air drying
Rubber roller pressure method: pneumatic pressure
Squeegee pressure method: pneumatic pressure
Sample transport: equipped with sample transport device
Sample receiving: Equipped with sample receiving device
Prepress position adjustment: configure automatic reset sensor system
Anilox roller: can quickly change anilox rollers of different styles
Gray: 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%,
90%, 100%. Can be customized according to customer requirements.
Depth: 20um, 25um, 30um, 35um, 40um, 45um, 50um, 55um, can be customized according to customer requirements.
Dimensions: 750X500X300mm
Net weight of the whole machine: 80KG

gravure ink proofer.jpg

gravure ink proofer machine.jpggravure ink proofer lab.jpggravure equipment.jpg

HK-310C Gravure ink proofer can print gravure inks quickly under the experiment condition,and the method is closed to the actual printing. The gravure ink proofer is used to laboratory production,ink printability test and ink product research.It adopts flat intaglio printing work directly for quick proofing in a varity of flexible substrates(such as plastic film,paper,etc.).It is so easy to operate.The machine is supplied with a special version of the gravure proofing.


(1) It is suitable for the production of printed samples and computer color matching samples that require good reproducibility.

(2) Make the company's own product color chart.

(3) Research and development of ink products.

(4) Inspection of incoming ink


Scope of application:

1. The laboratory quickly prepares the gravure ink coating sample

2. Simulate the actual printing method

3. With engraving intaglio, a variety of optional styles are available

4. Suitable for all kinds of flexible proofs (film, paper, etc.)


Technical Specification:

Electrical Power Source 20V/50HZ
Random gravure 150 lines/inch (A, B, C, D version are optional)
Sample size 120*240mm (recommended)
Weight 26kg
Concave sample range 95×149mm
Roll/Hardness 76*130mm/shoreA55
Printing Speed 20/30/40/45m/min (four gears optional)
Printing Length 95*149mm
Dimension 500*400*350mm


Standard configuration:
Host machine *1
Proofing version *1 piece
Power cord *1 piece
Instruction manual *1



offset print proofer 1.jpg

offset printing ink proofer machines.jpgOffset Proofer.jpg


Even ink mode:
1. The ink leveling speed can be switched between automatic and manual, suitable for different operating habits and special situations;
2. Set the soft start mode for intermediate positioning and non-concatenating in series, reduce the unevenness of color development and ink flying phenomenon, and improve the precision of color development;
3. Four-stage ink leveling mode time setting (each segment can be set to 0-200 seconds), can be set to any ink leveling mode: positioning in series, intermittent close, fixed close and automatic speed change
More accurate and user-friendly; 4. Ink leveling pressure (automatic): can be automatically adjusted according to the rubber roller wear condition or the error of the old and new rubber rollers.
5. Color development pressure (automatic): automatically adjusted according to the color development material thickness (-1 ~ +1 mm), more accurate and convenient.
6. Cleaning: The metal roller does not move in the cleaning mode, which is safe and convenient.
7. Rubber roller: Standard and UV dual-purpose roller is standard.
offset ink proofer 1
offset proofer 1.jpg

offset printing ink proofer machine.jpg


Laboratory Packaging Film Color Spot Gravure Printing Ink Proofer 11

Laboratory Packaging Film Color Spot Gravure Printing Ink Proofer 12
FAQ 1. Are you a factory or trading company?
We are a factory.
FAQ 2. Can you supply OEM?
OEM is available.
FAQ 3. What's the MOQ ?
(1). MOQ is 1 piece. The disposable supplies order usually at least 1 box.
FAQ 4. How about the order processing and lead time?
After order confirmation and receive the advance payment, we will prepare the machines and goods. Usually could ready within 10 working day, when dispatch, will inform client and send the documents for client making import customs clearance.
FAQ 5. What quality will be ensured?
100% new and quality inspection before delivery from factory.
Stable export box for good package.
FAQ 6. Can you guide the working?
The machine will deliver with English display, English manual and video for installation and operation.
FAQ 7. How can your engineer replace parts if they are not beside the machine?
Bonnin’s engineer could provide the solutions by email and video. In warranty period, we can send spare parts for free and life-time technical support for spare supply.


Contact Details
Aimee Wang

Phone Number : +86 13308639527

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