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Automatic Printing Ink Proofer Flexo Four Color Offset Ink Printing Proofer

Basic Information
Place of Origin: Wuhan, China
Brand Name: BonninTech
Certification: CE, ISO
Model Number: HK-310/320
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD2000-5800/set
Packaging Details: Standard export carton box
Delivery Time: 5-10 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 200 sets/month
Equipment: Offset Printing Ink Proofer Color Effective Area: 40mm X 220 Mm (4 Strips)
Printing Roller Width: 225mm Warranty: 12 Month, Life-time Technical Support

HK310 HK320 Gravure Flexo Offset Printing Ink Proofer /Ink Printing Offset Proofer/ Offset Ink Proofer can print different color strips or the same ink color stripe with different ink layer thickness at the same time. It can also print new and old ink on the same printing material for comparison. Provide efficient color contrast.
Applicable to: printing offset printing ink spot color proofing, ink color matching; testing ink hue, wet and dry, gloss, Lab value and other printing suitability.

Test standards:
GB / T 8941, ISO2813, ISO 2469, ISO 9416, GB / T 7973, GB / T 7974, GB / T 12911, GB / T7706, ASTM D 6531

1. Spot color proofing
The multi-segment color developing instrument can print color bars of different colors or the same ink color bars of different ink layer thicknesses at the same time. It can also print new and old ink on the same printing material for comparison, providing efficient color contrast.

2. Four-color ink detection
It can detect the hue, gloss and color density of the ink; start with the control of the quality of the ink raw materials, so as to achieve the purpose of controlling the quality of the printed products.

3. Approval of pre-print spot colors for customers
Simple color bars can be made for customers to approve or archive before printing.

4. Detect the degree of discoloration of dry and wet ink
The color bar of the spot color ink exhibited by the color development machine exhibits the hue of the spot color after drying naturally. (For example, the phenomenon that purple and dark blue will turn red after drying can be eliminated before printing.

5. It can be used in conjunction with the ink meter to predict the amount of spot color ink used, greatly reducing residual ink consumption and warehouse accumulation.

6. Data management
Cooperate with the spectrodensitometer for color detection and can measure the data report (Lab value) of the color bar.

7. Cooperate with related instruments to predict the characteristics of ink wear resistance, fading, transfer, light resistance and heat resistance.
1. Roller material: Used for ordinary offset printing ink and vegetable oil-based ink
2. Speed: Printing speed range: high speed: 20 R / min, medium speed: 15 R / min, low speed: 10 R / min
3.Color Bar size: Effective size of color bar: 45x225mm
4. Paper specification: Imprint 0 ~ 2.50 mm thick paper and 1 mm thick plastic film
5. Steal roller speed, cleaning: 100-800 r/m, proofing: 100-1000 r/m
6. Proofing speed: High: 1000r/m, Medium: 800r/m, Low: 650 r/m
7. Automatic uniform ink, stable operation, precision processing,time adjustable.

Technical Parameters:
Proofing speed 0-130 m / min, touch screen adjustment
Roller size dia.67X229mm
1. Ink color stripe effective area optional: 40X220mm (4 strips) 60X220mm (3 strips) 100X220mm (2 strips), 290X250mm
2. Proofing time, printing pressure and speed can be adjusted. Printing speed low, medium and high
Pressure: 0-2MM
3. Spectrometer to measure color, detect, dry and wet, gloss, lab value
4. Pressure:0-2MM
5.N/G Weight:: 280MM*690MM*380MM
6.Input Voltage: 220V 50Hz
7.Power: 400W



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offset printing ink proofer machines.jpgOffset Proofer.jpg


Even ink mode:
1. The ink leveling speed can be switched between automatic and manual, suitable for different operating habits and special situations;
2. Set the soft start mode for intermediate positioning and non-concatenating in series, reduce the unevenness of color development and ink flying phenomenon, and improve the precision of color development;
3. Four-stage ink leveling mode time setting (each segment can be set to 0-200 seconds), can be set to any ink leveling mode: positioning in series, intermittent close, fixed close and automatic speed change
More accurate and user-friendly; 4. Ink leveling pressure (automatic): can be automatically adjusted according to the rubber roller wear condition or the error of the old and new rubber rollers.
5. Color development pressure (automatic): automatically adjusted according to the color development material thickness (-1 ~ +1 mm), more accurate and convenient.
6. Cleaning: The metal roller does not move in the cleaning mode, which is safe and convenient.
7. Rubber roller: Standard and UV dual-purpose roller is standard.
offset ink proofer 1
offset proofer 1.jpg

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Automatic Printing Ink Proofer Flexo Four Color Offset Ink Printing Proofer 6

Automatic Printing Ink Proofer Flexo Four Color Offset Ink Printing Proofer 7
FAQ 1. Are you a factory or trading company?
We are a factory.
FAQ 2. Can you supply OEM?
OEM is available.
FAQ 3. What's the MOQ ?
(1). MOQ is 1 piece. The disposable supplies order usually at least 1 box.
FAQ 4. How about the order processing and lead time?
After order confirmation and receive the advance payment, we will prepare the machines and goods. Usually could ready within 10 working day, when dispatch, will inform client and send the documents for client making import customs clearance.
FAQ 5. What quality will be ensured?
100% new and quality inspection before delivery from factory.
Stable export box for good package.
FAQ 6. Can you guide the working?
The machine will deliver with English display, English manual and video for installation and operation.
FAQ 7. How can your engineer replace parts if they are not beside the machine?
Bonnin’s engineer could provide the solutions by email and video. In warranty period, we can send spare parts for free and life-time technical support for spare supply.


Contact Details
Aimee Wang

Phone Number : +86 13308639527

WhatsApp : +8613308639527