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Corrugated Cardboard Printing - Flexo Printing Ink proofer, Offset Printing Ink Proofer

August 17, 2022

Offset printing is used in the production of paper printing. A product of similar quality can be produced on a flexographic press. So far, the technology has mainly been considered for the production of packaging. In the US it is used more widely than in Russia. They produce books, magazines, newspapers, blinds, curtains, rugs, and print designs using flexo printing.

In the future, the technology will be widely used in the production of souvenirs, packaging, printed matter, advertising media and decorations in our country. She won't notice digital printing because the two methods solve different problems. More advanced multitasking machines will appear. The shortcomings of the method will be eliminated and the advantages will be used.


Flexographic printing reduces the cost of packaging, printing and other printed products. Painted form is cheap. While working, you can change the length and width of the image. Flexo printing is an efficient and cost-effective technology compared to offset printing.

The productivity of an offset press does not depend on the size of the pattern. If you reduce the image size, the release rate doesn't change. When the size of the pattern changes on the flexographic printing press, the working speed is increased.


Efficiency comparison:
offset printing. Productivity - 13,000 prints per hour. Staff - 3-4 people.
Flexographic printing. Productivity - 21,000 prints per hour. Staff - 1-2 people.
With flexo printing presses, printing houses will gain more profits. The release rate will increase. It will be possible to fulfill increased order volumes and reduce labor costs for employees.


To apply the pattern, flexible forms and low-viscosity paints are used. Various materials can be used as carriers:

Colored or white paper of any texture and density.
Paperboard (coated, laminated, corrugated, etc.)
Self-adhesive paper or film.
metal foil.
Various polymer materials.
Rough and irregular media, including fabrics.

This technology allows you to apply even and clear patterns even on sensitive surfaces such as ultra-thin films. Flexographic printing is used for packaging, printing, making souvenirs. Offset printing is only suitable for paper products. It does not allow you to apply patterns on fabric, corrugated cardboard, and other non-standard materials.


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